Monday, March 2, 2009

To answer the question...

of why I named my coach Althea, you need only watch the video embedded below and experience the stoniness that is my reality.

To move gently away from such a relaxed scene as the one above... to one of pure disgust.

Is it not a tragedy that Rush Limbaugh has not expired as an organic entity yet? I had the misfortune of listening to his today and realized what a diseased, hateful being he is. From the Buddhist perspective, I am ashamed to be related to him. He is vile and gross and has nothing but evil to spew. He doesn't talk about anything really, he just sits in his bowl of Jell-o and pontificates to the myriad sheep who love to hate.

I was listening to him talk about how the LIBERALS are not doing ANYTHING about the economy, they just want to watch you suffer... and on and on. The ONLY thing he did not say, verbatim at least, is that the LIBERALS want you to DIE. That is the only thing that didn't come out of his mouth, but everything he said intimated that idea. I would posit that he does not represent talk radio, but rather a kind of propaganda machine, very Himmler-esque in its quality. If there were only ONE Democrat left in the country, he would stick his phallus-replacing cigar in his chubby mouth and tell everyone how evil that one Democrat is and how he is destroying the country.

Mr. Oxycontin yourself, disgusting in your filthy Anti-American ideals, why does Heath Ledger die, but your barely-living carcass still strolls around, gobbling down steaks and looking lewdly at young boys in shorts?

When are you going to be relegated to a ham-beast-mobile to move your lard around the neighborhood? I would love to see you in a scooter so I can run you over and stomp on your skull with my boots and ram a tire iron up your lubed-up craphole.

This would be in the interest of the greatness of America. You speak for no-one but yourself and your ego that demands attention.

Wow, you are really gross.

When I take my pistol to the shooting range, I love to use your face as my target, fyi.

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nerpamama said...

jim, are you going to be in eugene soon?