Sunday, March 22, 2009

How high am I?

Well, I was high as 7000 ft MSL yesterday during my first gliding lesson. Today there is a crazy windstorm that is keeping the planes on the ground, so I am not going up again today. Will try for tomorrow. One of the pilots and I are going to bike out to some petroglyphs this week, hopefully. I will get some pics up. On a ride today through the desert I brought my camera to photograph some cacti for my new website, I will post some samples below. In one cactus, there was a special treat! An owl's nest with at least two, that I could see, babies in it. Scanning around, I knew the folks would be nearby. And then I found them.

The cactus on the left has the nest. You can see fluff!


Here is a shot from the 17mm cropped and enlarged of the nest.


This is with the 300mm. The owlings? moved between lens changes.


This is either daddy or mommy owl watching me.


And the other one.


Beautiful animals, aren't they? We are blessed!

Yesterday I was riding my bike along the highway, open-carrying my Glock, and this car full of young dudes drove by on their way to the lake nearby to get MORE drunk. One kid puts his hand out the window and makes a gun with it and yells, "Bang bang cowboy! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!" What is it with kids yelling at me on my bike. Maybe my 'safari' hat prompts these calls to me.

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nerpamama said...

jim, love these pics..of the owl and night sky especially. gosh, that is the best about the desert, the night are having an awesome time, i can see.