Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hurry up and wait!

This is my mantra while the Pacific Northwest is getting dumped on by feet of snow. I was hoping to leave next week on my worldwide tour of the Western U.S. I am NOT sure if this is to be, because I fucked up after I bought my RV.

The day BEFORE I had planned to winterize it, the storm hit us and I think might have seriously damaged my RV's plumbing. I am not SURE about this... but I have to expect the worst. I didn't have that much water in the holding tank (1/2), so I don't know how the freezing of that water has affected the rest of the system. I have not done ANYTHING since to attempt to thaw anything out yet, because I am paranoid about what might happen if I don't do it right. I was hoping that the eventual higher temps here will let things happen naturally.

This means of course, I will have to check for leaks and hopefully the pump isn't wrecked. If the system is damaged, I will have to figure out how to deal with it on the cheap, since the few bucks I have for the trip are not enough to replace the plumbing system, if need be.

We are expecting 5" of NEW snow tonight. Whoopee! I am dancing! Not really. It is hard to get anywhere in the city currently, much less LEAVE the city for warmer climes. I got the word that trying to get further than Eugene, OR, is out of the question.

If any one has any ideas on how to deal with a frozen plumbing system on an RV, let me know.

That is all - Jim

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