Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The beginning of the end, friend-o.

So, it goes like this. 

My name is Jim Edgar. This online journal is going to chronicle my adventures around the U.S. of A. in my wonderful new RV. Why Jim, you are asking?

Because... I opened a bar in Seattle called Georgetown Liquor Company in the summer of 2006. Due to certain issues, I have decided to sell it and while I am still young (39) travel around my great country and document my travels here.

My website My Cat Hates You is where you would usually find such drivel, but my users have complained about my blatant political ramblings. Being a hardcore liberal does not appease everyone, and I have lost some users because they are NOT liberal and just want to look at cats and not deal with my espousing of 'socialist' agendas and the power of freedom from our corrupt leader, Dubya. 

If you don't like hearing about these things, I suppose you should go elsewhere. I plan to #1, talk about traveling in my vessel (yet to be named) and #2, delve into some political rhetoric. BUT, you will find that I do not ramble the party line or relate to issues in an ideological fashion. While I am an evil liberal, I deal in logic but moreso in compassion. These are aspects that I find beneficial to us as a culture involved in a larger world. 

As a great, if not the greatest, world power, we have a certain mandate to create a leadership role model for others to adhere to.

I have been busy researching life on the road and adapting to the nomadic model. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how I relate my experiences to you.

I am not sure where to go first. I live in Seattle, and that is about as far as you can go before you run into Putin up in Alaska or the orcas in the NW pacific. So from here, it is ALL south to me.

Let me plug my books Bad Cat and My Cat Hates You real quick. They are both in major bookstores and would be great holiday gifts. Buy 'em up. It helps me buy gas for my trip and is good for your karma!

That is all. - Jim

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